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Table 1 Mnemiopsis homeobox genes.

From: The homeodomain complement of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi suggests that Ctenophora and Porifera diverged prior to the ParaHoxozoa

Name Domain Signature Intron codons Accession
MlPbx Pbx insert(NLA) 23 2,47/48 HM444125
MlMeis MeisA, MeisD insert(HLT) 23 25/26, 51 HM444091
MlPknox Pbx insert(HLG) 23 25/26, 51 HM444122
MlPou1 Pou    HM444110
MlPOU26a Pou    HM444092
MlPOU26b     HM444093
MlPOU26c     HM444094
MlIsl Lim   39 HM444123
MlLhx1.5 Lim   55/56 HM444088
MlLhx3.4 Lim   27 HM444089
MlLmx Lim   11,55/56 HM444090
MlSIX13a Six    HM444111
MlSIX13b Six    HM444112
MlSIX13c Six    HM444113
MlSIX13d Six   12,58 HM444114
MlSIX13e Six    HM444115
MlSIX13f Six    HM444130
MlSIX27 Six   17 HM444128
MlSIX28 Six    HM444129
MlSIX32a     HM444116
MlSIX32b Six    HM444144
MlSIX32c Six   30 HM444117
MlSIX36 Six NKL 45 HM444118
MlSIX41 Six   9,45 HM444127
MlSIX59a Six   57* HM444131
MlSIX59b Six   57* HM444119
MlSIX59c Six   57* HM444120
MlSIX59d Six   57* HM444121
MlSIX59e Six   57* HM444126
MlANTP03a   HOXL2   HM444145
MlANTP03b   HOXL2   HM444132
MlANTP03c     HM444134
MlANTP03d     HM444072
MlANTP19   NKL 21/22 HM444073
MlANTP21    10,52 HM444074
MlANTP22    13/14 HM444075
MlANTP23    18 HM444140
MlANTP25     HM444076
MlANTP35    44/45 HM444077
MlANTP37   NKL, HOXL 44-45 HM444078
MlANTP47    46-47 HM444079
MlANTP48   NKL, HOXL2 21-22 HM444080
MlANTP51    36 HM444136
MlANTP63    12/13 HM444137
MlANTP65    12/13,45 HM444081*
MlANTP66    46/47 HM444082*
MlANTP67    17/18,47 HM444083*
MlANTP68   NKL 14/15,44/45 HM444084*
MlANTP71   NKL 9,53 HM444085
MlANTP72   NKL 44/45 HM444086
MlANTP78    39 HM444087
MlPRD10a   PRD 37 HM444097
MlPRD10b   PRD 24,46/47 HM444098*
MlPRD16 Octapeptide PRD 46/47 HM444102*
MlPRD43 Octapeptide   46/47 HM444104
MlPRD44   PRD, HOXL2 46/47 HM444105*
MlPRD50 Octapeptide   14/15,46/47 HM444141
MlPRD61 Octapeptide PRD 12/13,46/47 HM444147
MlHD01     HM444143
MlHD05     HM444146
MlHD07a     HM444139
MlHD07b     HM444095
MlHD07c     HM444096
MlHD11a     HM444133
MlHD11b     HM444099
MlHD14     HM444100
MlHD15     HM444101
MlHD31     HM444103
MlHD60   insert(LP) 33   HM444135
MlHD70     HM444106
MlHD76a     HM444107
MlHD76b     HM444142
MlHD77a     HM444108
MlHD77b     HM444138
MlHD79   insert(N) 22   HM444109
MlHD86     HM444124
  1. The first column (Name) contains the names given to each gene. The second column (Domain) indicates any additional domains detected either in the predicted gene sequence or in close genomic proximity to the homeobox in the same orientation. If NKL, HOXL, HOXL2 or PRD sequence signatures or are present in the translated homeodomain (as defined in [40]), this is noted in the third column. The third column (Signature) also includes the amino acid sequences of atypical insertions if they are present. The format for insertions is the word 'insert' followed by the amino acids that make up the insertion in parentheses and the first codon of the homeobox occupied by the insertion. For those homeoboxes that are interrupted by one or more introns, the fourth column (Intron Codons) lists either the codon that is interrupted (noted by a single number) or the two codons that are separated by an intron (noted by two numbers separated by a forward slash). Commas separate codon positions for genes with multiple introns. The five MlSIX59 homeoboxes are truncated at the 57th codon and occur at the end of their corresponding GENSCAN gene prediction. The last column indicates the GenBank accession of the corresponding nucleotide sequences. An asterisk next to an accession indicates a previously described version of this homeodomain exists. The previously described homeodomains are as follows: MlANTP65 - ACD85820 (Tlx-like), MlANTP66 - ACD85819 (Dlx/NK-like), MlANTP67 - ACD85818 (BarH/BarX-like), MlANTP68 - ACD85817 (Bsh), MlPRD10b - ACD85823 (Prd3), MlPRD16 - ACD85821 (Prd1), MlPRD44 - ACD85822 (Prd2).