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Table 2 Paralog count and estimated branch lengths of seven species.

From: The homeodomain complement of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi suggests that Ctenophora and Porifera diverged prior to the ParaHoxozoa

Species No. of HDs in this test No. of HDs in species-specific clades No. of species-specific clades Average branch length
Nematostella vectensis 127 66 22 1.010
Drosophila melanogaster 102 25 12 1.052
Trichoplax adhaerens 35 0 0 1.162
Amphimedon queenslandica 31 7 2 1.286
Homo sapiens 256 197 74 1.293
Mnemiopsis leidyi 76 45 14 1.344
Caenorhabditis elegans 113 34 11 1.480
Average 105.71 53.43 19.29 1.232
  1. The second column specifies the number of homeodomains (HDs) used in the neighbor-joining analyses that produced the tree from which this table is based. The third column indicates the number of homeodomains that were more closely related to a homeodomain from the same species. The number of species-specific clades is denoted in the fourth column. The final column shows the average length of all branches from a particular species based on a midpoint rooted tree. Files used in this analysis are (Additional File 2).