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Table 1 Arabidopsis and Aquilegia gene names and accession numbers

From: Environmental and molecular analysis of the floral transition in the lower eudicot Aquilegia formosa

Arabidopsis gene Locus ID Aquilegia gene Accession number
GI AT1G22770 AqGI HQ173334
CO AT5G15840 AqCO HQ173331
FT AT1G65480 AqFT HQ173333
PHYA AT1G09570 AqPHYA GQ471030
PHYB AT2G18790 AqPHYB GQ471031
CRY1 AT4G08920 AqCRY1 DR915774
CRY2 AT1G04400 AqCRY2 DT748827
SOC1 AT2G45660 AqSOC1 HQ173336
AGL24 AT4G24540 AqAGL24.1 HQ173338
   AqAGL24.2 HQ173339
LFY AT5G61850 AqLFY HQ173335
FUL AT5G60910 AqFL1 DT758909
   AqFL2 HQ322376
FRI AT4G00650 AqFRI HQ173332