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Table 1 Fan coefficients of reaction norms for differing incubation temperatures and food availability

From: Developmental plasticity and the evolution of parasitism in an unusual nematode, Parastrongyloides trichosuri

ψ for all food curves 0.05433
fan coefficient φ (for curves 0.3% w/v and 0.4% w/v) 0.1131
fan coefficient φ (for curves 0.3% w/v and 0.5% w/v) 0.0520
fan coefficient φ (for curves 0.4% w/v and 0.5% w/v) 0.1130
ψ for all temperature curves 0.003094
fan coefficient φ (for curves 14°C and 20°C) 0.004068
fan coefficient φ (for curves 14°C and 26.5°C) 0.015151
fan coefficient φ (for curves 20°C and 26.5°C) 0.00714
  1. A measure of the shape of the curves is given by the variance of the estimated asymptotes - estimates of M: ψ = variance (asymptotes - minimum fitted values for each curve). The best estimate of spread is ψ for each data set, the bootstrapped values for each pair of curves is φ*. There is no overlap between the two groups therefore the spread for food response is significantly greater than the spread for temperature response.