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Table 2 Comparison of Ophiocoma wendtii gastrula transcripts to the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus mesenchymal gene regulatory networks

From: Sequencing and analysis of the gastrula transcriptome of the brittle star Ophiocoma wendtii

Gene Found in O.w. gastrula RBB to S.p. Genome [SpBase:] RBB to NCBI RefSeq Proteins [NCBI:] Role in S.p.
HesC Y HesC S.p. HesC Mesenchyme
   [SPU_021608] [XP_796692.1]  
Erg Y Erg S.p. Erg Mesenchyme
   [SPU_018483] [NP_999833.1]  
Hex Y Hex S.p. Hex Mesenchyme
   [SPU_027215] [XP_001197103.1]  
Ets1/2 Y Ets1/2 S.p. Ets1/2 Mesenchyme
   [SPU_002874] [NP_999698.1]  
Alx1 Y Alx1 S.p. Alx1 PMC
   [SPU_025302] [NP_999809.1]  
Tbr N    PMC
Tgif Y Tgif I.s. Tgif PMC
   [SPU_18126] [XP_002433653.1]  
FoxN2/3 N    PMC
Dri Y Dri S.p. Dri PMC
   [SPU_017106] [NP_999799.1]  
FoxB Y FoxB S.p. FoxB PMC
   [SPU_004551] [NP_999797.1]  
FoxO Y FoxO S.p. FoxO PMC
   [SPU_009178] [XP_001183650.1]  
Delta N    PMC
Spicule matrix genes Possible C-lectin [SPU_007882] S.p. C-lectin [NP_999805.1] Skeletal differentiation
MSP130 N    Skeletal differentiation
G-Cadherin Y G-Cadherin S.k. G-Cadherin Skeletal differentiation
   [SPU_015960] [XP_002741140.1]  
Ficolin Y Fic B.f. Ficolin Skeletal differentiation
   [SPU_023548] [XP_002594892.1]  
Cyclophilin Y CypL7 D.m. Cyclophilin 1 Skeletal differentiation
   [SPU_008305] [NP_523366.2]  
Gcm Y Gcm S.k. Gcm SMC
   [SPU_006462] [XP_002733441.1]  
Notch N    SMC
Six1/2 N    SMC
Hnf6 Y Hnf6 S.p. Hnf6 SMC
   [SPU_016449] [NP_999824.1]  
GataC N    SMC
Scl N    SMC
Pks Y Pks S.p. Pks SMC
   [SPU_028395] [NP_001239013.1]  
FoxF Y FoxF S.p. FoxF Small micromeres
   [SPU_000975] [XP_794135.1]  
SoxE N    Small micromeres
FoxY N    Small micromeres
  1. B.f. = Branchiostoma floridae, D.m. = Drosophila melanogaster, I.s. = Ixodes scapularis.
  2. O.w. = Ophiocoma wendtii, S.k. = Saccoglossus kowalevskii.
  3. S.p. = Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.