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Table 3 Comparison of Ophiocoma wendtii gastrula transcripts to the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus ectodermal gene regulatory network

From: Sequencing and analysis of the gastrula transcriptome of the brittle star Ophiocoma wendtii

Gene Found inO.w. gastrula RBB toS.p. Genome [SpBase:] RBB to NCBI RefSeq Proteins [NCBI:] Role in S.p.
Nodal N    Oral ectoderm
Lefty N    Oral ectoderm
Chordin Y Chordin S.k. Chordin Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_004983] [NP_001158390.1]  
Sip1 N    Oral ectoderm
FoxG N    Oral ectoderm
BMP2/4 Y BMP2/4 S.p. BMP2/4 Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_000669] [NP_001116977.1]  
FoxA Y FoxA S.p. FoxA Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_006676] [NP_001073010.1]  
Bra N    Oral ectoderm
Dri Y Dri S.p. Dri Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_017106] [NP_999799.1]  
Hes Y Hes S.k. Hes1 Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_006814] [NP_001158466.1]  
Hnf6 Y Hnf6 S.p. Hnf6 Oral ectoderm
   [SPU_016449] [NP_999824.1]  
FoxJ1 Y FoxJ1 S.p. FoxJ1 Ecto/Endo border
   [SPU_027969] [NP_001073013.1]  
Nk1 N    Ecto/Endo border
Lim1 N    Ecto/Endo border
Tbx2/3 Y Tbx2/3 S.p. Tbx2/3 Aboral ectoderm
   [SPU_023386] [NP_001123280.1]  
Lhx2 (Lim2) Y Lhx2 M.m. Lhx2 Aboral ectoderm
   [SPU_021313] [NP_034840.1]  
Dlx N    Aboral ectoderm
Nk2.2 Y Nk2.2 S.p. Nk2.2 Aboral ectoderm
   [SPU_000756] [NP_001123283.1]  
Hox7 N    Aboral ectoderm
Msx N    Aboral ectoderm
Klf7 Y Klf2/4 S.k. Klf2 Aboral ectoderm
   [SPU_020311] [NP_001161575.1]  
IrxA N    Aboral ectoderm
Hmx N    Aboral ectoderm
  1. M.m. = Mus musculus, O.w. = Ophiocoma wendtii, S.k. = Saccoglossus kowalevskii, S.p. = Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.