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Table 1 Members of the Drosophila maternal terminal patterning system and their pea aphid homologs

From: The pea aphid uses a version of the terminal system during oviparous, but not viviparous, development

Drosophila gene   Pea aphid gene(s)   Accession number
fs(1)Nasrat fs(1)N (absent)
fs(1)polehole fs(1)ph (absent)
torso-like tsl torso-like[38] tsl XP_001947286a
   torso-like related 1 (aka torso-like related;[38]) tslr1 XP_001944406a
   torso-like related 2 tslr2 XP_003240865a
trunk trk (absent)   
torso tor torso[38] tor ACYPI009483-PAb
rolled (ERK MAP kinase) rl rolled[38] rl XP_001952106a
  1. aXP accession numbers refer to Genbank; bACYPI accession numbers refer to AphidBase, official gene set 2.1 [39].