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Figure 8

From: Put a tiger in your tank: the polyclad flatworm Maritigrella crozieri as a proposed model for evo-devo

Figure 8

Scanning electron photomicrographs of 1-day-old Müller’s larvae of Maritigrella crozieri . (A) and (D) Anteroventral views. Note longer cilia at the tip of the oral hood and the lobes. (B), (E) and (H) Anterior views. Dorsal side is up, ventral is down. The apical tuft is in the centre (arrowhead), and a bundle of longer cilia (double-arrowhead) is located dorsally to the apical tuft. (C) and (F) Ventral views. (G) Dorsal view showing the dorsal lobe at the top and pairs of dorsolateral, lateral and ventrolateral lobes. (I) Posterior view showing the tip of the oral hood on top, followed by pairs of ventrolateral, lateral and dorsolateral lobes and at the bottom the dorsal hood. All arrows point to the posterior tuft. Scale bars are 50 μm in (A), (B), (G) and (I); 10 μm in (D) and (F); and 3 μm in (H). Scale bars in (A) and (C) are identical.

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