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Figure 12

From: Heterochrony, modularity, and the functional evolution of the mechanosensory lateral line canal system of fishes

Figure 12

Relationsihp of neuromast size (length and width) and canal diameter in Tramitichromis and Aulonocara . Correlations of neuromast size and canal diameter in the supraorbital (A, C) and mandibular (E, G) in Tramitichromis (TRA) and the supraorbital (B, D) and mandibular (F, H) in Aulonocara (AU). Neuromast length is illustrated in A, E for Tramitichromis and B, F for Aulonocara. Neuromast width is illustrated in C, G for Tramitichromis and D, H for Aulonocara. In both SO and MD canals, neuromast length appears to increase isometrically with canal diameter in Tramitichromis (A, E), and neuromast length appears to demonstrate a negative allometric trend in Aulonocara (B, F). Neuromast width appears to increase isometrically with canal diameter in the SO and MD canals in Tramitichromis (C, G) and Aulonocara (D, H). See TableĀ 5 for results of ANOVA's and ACOVA's.

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