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Figure 5

From: Heterochrony, modularity, and the functional evolution of the mechanosensory lateral line canal system of fishes

Figure 5

Expected trends for the analysis of heterochrony and modularity in the cranial lateral line system. A) Increase in the size of a variable in both experimental species (TRA - Tramitichromis sp.; AU - Aulonocara stuartgranti) are plotted for two canals (modules; SO - supraorbital; MD - mandibular). Similar trends for both canals (rate increase is faster in Aulonocara relative to Tramitichromis) is evidence for rate heterochrony. B) If both canals (modules) show similar rates within a species, this is evidence for integration among canals. C) If the two canals show different rates of increase in a species, this is evidence for independence between canals.

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