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Table 1 Metazoan POU gene expression domains with focus on lophotrochozoan taxa as revealed by in situ hybridization experiments

From: POU genes are expressed during the formation of individual ganglia of the cephalopod central nervous system

SUPER-PHYLUM/phylum species Expression domains in developmental stages (D) or adults (A) Reference
Neochildia fusca A: (BRN-1): stem neoblasts?, neurons, intraepidermal gland cells [30]
A: POU4 (BRN-3): neurons
Craspedacusta sowerbyi A: POU4f1: bell margin in statocysts between tentacles [31]
A: POU4f2: bell margin in statocysts between tentacles, gonads
A: POU4f3: close to center of bell quadrants, gastric cavity
A: POU6: statocysts, gonads
Aurelia spec. A: POU1 (PIT1): rhopalia [32]
H. asinina D: trochophore: POU3: 2 bilateral ectodermal (mucus) cells in centroposterior foot anlage, two cells in anterolateral foot anlage [2426]
Pre-torsional veliger: 2 bilateral ectodermal (mucus) cells in centroposterior foot (close to operculum)
Post-torsional veliger: 2 bilateral ectodermal (mucus) cells in centroposterior foot (close to operculum), pleuropedal, cerebral, esophageal ganglia, branchial ganglia, dorsoposterior region of visceral mass, statocysts, radular sac anlage
A: POU3: cerebral and pleuropedal ganglia, epipodial fringe, tentacle, eye, gill, muscle
D: trochophore: POU4: single cell in prospective mantle edge of trochophore larva), bilateral pair of ventral ectodermal cells in anterocentral region of foot anlage +2 additional cells later
Pre-torsional veliger: anterocentral ectoderm of foot, no expression in mantle, additional pair of cells in lateromedian ectoderm of foot
Post-torsional veliger: ventral ectoderm of foot + lateral expansion of anterocentral cells, cells in vicinity of prospective eyes, 2 territories on left side of cephalopedal and visceropallial junction (vicinity of esophageal ganglia), cells close to mouth, statocysts, vicinity of ctenidial and osphradial anlagen
A: POU4: cerebral and pleuropedal ganglia, epipodial fringe, eye, tentacle, gill
P. dumerilii A: POU4 (BRN3): expression in longitudinal columns which are segmentally clustered along regenerated ventral nerve cord and in cells in developing parapodia (parapodial ganglia?) [27]
Drosophila melanogaster D: POU2 (PDM-1 (POU-19), PDM-2 (POU-29)): neuroectoderm, (peripheral) sensory organs [19, 3335]
D: POU3 (CF1a): ectodermal segmental expression, tracheal cells, mesectodermal cells arranged along longitudinal ventral midline of embryo
D: POU4 (I-POU): supraesophageal ganglia and ventral nerve cord
Caenorhabditis elegans D: POU2 (CEH-18): muscles and epidermis [3638]
A: gonadal sheath cells
D: POU3 (CEH-6): neurons
D: POU4 (UNC-86): neural precursor cells
A: neurons
Ciona intestinalis (Tunicata) D: embryo: POU4: neural precursor cells in PNS. Restricted to posterior sensory vesicle and motoneurons of visceral ganglion in CNS [39]
Branchiostoma floridae (Cephalochordata) D: embryo and larva: POU4: anteriormost neural plate and in bilateral ectodermal (sensory?) cells of neurula. Subsequently, expression in motoneurons behind posterior cerebral vesicle and in segmentally arranged motoneurons in hindbrain, in rostrum and epidermal sensory cells close to mouth. [40]
Branchiostoma floridae (Cephalochordata) D: embryo and larva: POU3: expression in dorsal epiblast and entire neural plate except a portion close to cerebral vesicle. Expression in primordium of gill slits, pharynx and left Hatschek´s diverticulum. [41]
Danio rerio (Vertebrata)a D: embryo: POU3: expression in fore-, mid-, and hindbrain, in spinal cord and pronephric duct [42]
Xenopus laevis D: POU1: neural fold stage: anterior neural plate; tailbud stage: anterodorsal portion (eye and brain); A: skin and brain [43, 44]
D: POU2: neurula stage: anterior nerve cord; tailbud stage: anterodosal region; A: adults in kidney and brain
  D: POU3: neurula stage: brain and spinal cord, auditory vesicle [45]
Rattus norvegicus A: POU1 (PIT-1), POU2 (OCT-2), POU3 (BRN-2), POU4 (BRN-3), TST-1, OCT-1: nervous system [33, 46]
D: POU6 (BRN-5): developing CNS, spinal cord
  A: brain, kidney, lung, heart, testis, pituitary  
  1. aSee [19] for an exhaustive list on POU gene expression domains in developing and adult vertebrates.