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Figure 2

From: What determines a leaf's shape?

Figure 2

Diagram illustrating stages of leaf initiation in selected model plant species viz. (A) Arabidopsis thaliana; (B) caulescent Streptocarpus sp. (simple leaf eudicots); (C) Solanum lycopersicum (compound leaf eudicot); (D) Zea mays (simple leaf monocot); and (E) Selaginella kraussiana (microphyll). Black arrowhead indicates PIN1 polarization; white arrowhead denotes auxin maxima; blue arrow shows the direction of auxin flow; black arrow represents upregulation; blunt end indicates repression; red arrow depicts downregulation; yellow dots represent auxin; square bracket indicates leaf founder cells recruitment sites. Illustrations are adapted from Byrne et al. [31] for A. thaliana; Nishii et al. [84] for Streptocarpus sp. (caulescent); Koltai and Bird [85] for S. lycopersicum; Timmermans et al. [33] and Tsiantis et al. [32] for Z. mays; Harrison et al. [20] and Sanders and Langdale [83] for S. kraussiana. L1, L2 = tunica; L3 = corpus.

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