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Table 2 Overview of event data taken from literature

From: Evolution of eumalacostracan development—new insights into loss and reacquisition of larval stages revealed by heterochrony analysis

Taxon Literature (same species) Literature (related species) Event abbreviation
Artemia sp. [75] [84] [NGA], [mx1-g], [mx2-g], [t1-g], [NEA], [PPN]
  [84] [A1/A2], [Md], [st], [a1-m], [a1-l], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [NGA]
Stomatopoda [67]   [Mx1], [Mx2], [T1], [P6], [FS], [st], [a1-m], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [lmp-mx1], [mx2-l], [lmp-mx2], [lmp-t1], [lmp-p6], [lmp-post], [HAT]
[82] [NGA], [mx1-g], [mx2-g], [t1-g], [NEA], [PPN],
  [85] [a1-l], [mx1-I], [mx2-m], [t1-m] [t1-l],
  [60] [p6-g]
Dendrobranchiata -   -
[76] [A1/ A2], [Md], [st], [a1-m], [a1-l], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [mx1-l], [mx2-m], [mx2-l], [t1-l], [t1-m], [HAT]
  [86] [P6], [FS], [lmp-p6]
Caridea [67]   [A1/A2], [Md], [Mx1], [Mx1], [Mx2], [T1], [P6], [FS], [st], [a1-m], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [mx1-l], [lmp-mx1], [mx2-m], [mx2-l], [lmp-mx2], [t1-m], [t1-l], [lmp-t1], [lmp-p6], [lmp-post], [HAT]
  [87] [a1-l]
Astacidea [67]   [FS], [st], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [mx1-l], [lmp-mx1], [mx2-m], [mx2-l], [lmp-mx2], [t1-m], [t1-l], [lmp-t1], [lmp-p6], [lmp-post], [HAT]
[69] [A1], [A2], [Md], [Mx1], [Mx2], [T1], [P6]
[80]   [NGA], [Mx1-g], [Mx2-g], [t1-g]
  [88] [a1-m], [a1-l], [a2-m]
Mysidacea [67]   [A1/ A2], [Md], [Mx1], [Mx1], [Mx2], [T1], [FS], [st], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [mx1-l], [lmp-mx1], [mx2-m], [mx2-l], [lmp-mx2], [t1-m], [t1-l], [lmp-t1], [lmp-p6], [lmp-post], [HAT]
  [89] [a1-m], [a1-l]
  [90] [NEA]
Amphipoda [67]   [st], [a2-m], [a2-l], [md-m], [md-l], [mx1-m], [mx1-l], [lmp-mx1], [mx2-m], [mx2-l], [lmp-mx2], [t1-m], [t1-l], [lmp-t1], [lmp-p6], [lmp-post], [HAT], [FS]
[81]   [A1/ A2], [Md], [Mx1], [Mx2], [T1], [P6]
  [83] [NGA], [mx1-g], [mx2-g], [t1-g] [PPN]
  [91] [a1-m], [ a1-l]
   [90] [NEA]
  1. The table gives an overview of literature sources which were used to determine developmental timing of specific events that could not be determined from our investigations, for each taxon used in the analysis. Event abbreviations are used as in Table 1.