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Table 1 Invertebrates that swim by undulating the entire body or its posterior region

From: Evolution of the notochord

Phylum References
Ctenophora (escape response of adult Venus’ girdle) [2]
Platyhelminthes (cercaria larvae of trematodes) [3]
Chaetognatha (adults of planktonic species) [4]
Nematoda (adults of some species) [5]
Nematomorpha (only in Nectonema spp.) [6]
Arthropods (mayfly larvae) [7]
Annelida (adults)
 Polychaetes (in a few species) [8]
 Oligochaetes (in a few species) [9]
 Leeches (in numerous species) [10]
Hemichordata (known only for adults of one species) [11]
 Cephalochordata (larval and adult amphioxus) [12]
 Tunicata (ascidian larvae, appendicularian adults) [13]