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Table 3 Skeletal region, name, type and abbreviation for each bone examined

From: Developmental basis of phenotypic integration in two Lake Malawi cichlids

Region Bone name Bone type Abbreviation
 Olfactory Vomer D VO
  Mesethmoid C ME
  Lateral ethmoid C LE
 Orbital Frontal D FR
  Parasphenoid D PS
  Basisphenoid C BS
 Otic Parietal D PA
  Sphenotic C SO
  Epiotic C EO
  Pterotic C PO
  Prootic C PRO
 Occipital Supraoccipital D SOC
  Basioccipital C BO
  Exoccipital C EOC
Mandibular arch Premaxilla D PMX
  Maxilla D MX
  Dentary D DE
  Articular C AR
  Palatine C P
  Ectopterygoid D EP
  Entopterygoid D ENP
  Quadrate C QA
  Metapterygoid C MP
Hyoid arch Hyomandibular C HM
  Symplectic C SY
  Interhyal C IH
  Epihyal C EH
  Ceratohyal C CH
  Dorsal hypohyal C DHH
  Ventral hypohyal C VHH
  Basihyal C BH
  Operculum D OP
  Preoperculum D POP
  Suboperculum D SOP
  Interoperculum D IOP
  Branchiostegal rays D BSR
Gill arches Pharyngobranchial (1–4) C PB
  Upper Tooth Plate (2–4) D UTP
  Epibranchial (1–4) C EB
  Ceratobranchial (1–5) C CB
  Lower tooth Plate D LTP
  Hypobranchial (1–3) C HB
  Basibranchial (1–4) C BB