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Fig. 5

From: Conserved expression of vertebrate microvillar gene homologs in choanocytes of freshwater sponges

Fig. 5

Domain architecture of known and candidate intermicrovillar-link cadherins. a Cadherins that link microvilli of the enterocyte brush border, and stereocilia of hair cells of vertebrates, and hair bundles of the cnidarian N. vectensis. b Four cadherins are predicted to have elevated expression levels in choanocytes of E. muelleri. None have obvious orthology with known microvillar-link-forming cadherins, but may function in this capacity (Mmus = Mus musculus, Nvec = Nematostella vectensis, Emue = Ephydatia muelleri, cad = cadherin, TM = transmembrane, DUF = domain of unknown function, TSPN = tetraspanin, LamG3 = Laminin G3)

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