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Fig. 9

From: Developing an ancient epithelial appendage: FGF signalling regulates early tail denticle formation in sharks

Fig. 9

Phenotypic effect of FGF inhibition via SU5402 treatment (10 µM) on caudal denticle development. The DMSO control specimen shown after fixation (a, b) and cleared and stained for calcium-rich tissue using alizarin red (c, d) possesses a full sequence of caudal denticles. However, the specimen treated with the FGF antagonist SU5402 has the 6th denticle missing from the sequence, shown after fixation (e, f) and cleared and stained (g, h). This is marked with a black arrowhead. This denticle knockout corresponds to the stage at which treatment occurred, and was observed in 40% of Su5402-treated specimens (n = 5). Scale bars are 200 µm in length

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