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Table 1 Comparison of shh expression domains in equivalent axial structures of studied amniotes during notochord formation (HH/mammalian stage 5/6)

From: Divergent axial morphogenesis and early shh expression in vertebrate prospective floor plate

  Organizer level Notochord level
  Posterior Mid Anterior
Rabbit Dorsal + (node-epibl) − (floorpl) − (floorpl) − (floorpl)
Ventral + (node-mes) + (not) + (not) + (not/pm)
Chick Dorsal + (node-epibl) + (floorpl) + (floorpl) − (floorpl)
Ventral − (node-mes) − (not) + (not) + (not/pm)
  1. Labeling: not notochord, pm prechordal mesoderm, mes mesoderm, epibl epiblast, floorpl floor plate