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Fig. 3

From: Mouse Obox and Crxos modulate preimplantation transcriptional profiles revealing similarity between paralogous mouse and human homeobox genes

Fig. 3

Enriched profiles following Crxos or Obox ectopic expression. Following over-expression of Crxos, Oboxa1, Oboxa4 or Oboxa7 in cultured mouse embryonic cells, we identified genome-wide transcriptomic changes. Each set of up- or down-regulated genes was compared to sets of genes assigned to distinct temporal expression profiles to test for enrichment (Fisher’s exact test, corrected p values shown). a Genes up-regulated following Crxos ectopic expression are enriched for two profiles, 59 and 216, although we suggest profile 216 is an off-target effect. Genes down-regulated are enriched for profile 5. Pink shading indicates time of Crxos expression. b Genes in profile 101 are up-regulated by Oboxa1, Oboxa4 and Oboxa7. Blue, purple or green shading indicates time of expression for Oboxa1, Oboxa4 or Oboxa7, respectively. c Genes up-regulated by Oboxa4 ectopic expression are enriched for two profiles not affected by other Obox genes (226, 216) and one profile also affected by Oboxa1 (219). Genes down-regulated by Oboxa4 ectopic expression are enriched for six profiles not affected by other Obox genes (202, 84, 79, 124, 149, 129). Green curves relate to up-regulated genes; red curves relate to down-regulated genes. Oo = oocyte, Zy = zygote, 2C = two-cell embryo, 4C = four-cell embryo, 8C = eight-cell embryo, Mo = morula, Bl = blastocyst

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