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Fig. 5

From: Mouse Obox and Crxos modulate preimplantation transcriptional profiles revealing similarity between paralogous mouse and human homeobox genes

Fig. 5

Similarity between genes downstream of human ARGFX and mouse Crxos. a The sets of genes up- or down-regulated following ectopic expression are compared between each mouse and human ETCHbox gene after filtering for one-to-one orthologues (human data from Ref. [7]); y-axis shows -log(p values) derived from pairwise Fisher’s exact test. Many comparisons are significant; the most striking similarities are between downstream targets of mouse Crxos and human ARGFX (up-regulated genes p = 3 × 10−52; down-regulated genes p = 4.2 × 10−102). Order of comparisons, from left to right, given in Additional file 6. b Proportional Venn diagrams showing extent of overlap between human and mouse one-to-one orthologues affected by Crxos ectopic expression in primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts and ARGFX in primary adult human fibroblasts

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