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Fig. 6

From: Mouse Obox and Crxos modulate preimplantation transcriptional profiles revealing similarity between paralogous mouse and human homeobox genes

Fig. 6

Cellular and embryonic processes potentially regulated by mouse ETCHbox genes. Global transcriptomic changes elicited by ectopic expression, and the embryonic expression profiles of ETCHbox genes themselves, highlight possible developmental milestones regulated by ETCHbox genes. We suggest that Crxos is involved in preparing the embryo for the first cell fate decision prior to the early blastocyst stage. Obox genes likely regulate a range of biological processes in vivo; we suggest Oboxa4 is involved with early milestones including induction of zygotic gene expression, whereas Oboxa1 and Oboxa7 are involved in later events such as embryo compaction. Expression of the ETCHbox genes tested is represented by coloured lines (Crxos red, Oboxa1 blue, Oboxa4 purple, Oboxa7 green)

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