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Table 2 ANOVA post-test for a linear trend in RNA expression, where the alternate hypothesis is that the level of expression is ordered by genotype with C57 being intermediate to the other two genotypes (AWS and WSB)

From: Developmental constraint through negative pleiotropy in the zygomatic arch

Gene Slope R 2 p value
Camkmt − 0.2118 0.5009 0.0014**
Six2 0.2949 0.3342 0.0237*
Six3 0.1141 0.04933 0.426
Six3OS1 − 0.05338 0.01178 0.698
  1. Slope of the associated linear model, R2 indicating how much variation that model explains, and a p-value of the probability that the slope of the linear model equals zero are reported
  2. *Significance at 0.05 level; **Significance at 0.01 level