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Fig. 2

From: Embryonic lethality is not sufficient to explain hourglass-like conservation of vertebrate embryos

Fig. 2

Survival rate after UV irradiation decreased in the gastrula period, but not the pharyngula period. Kaplan–Meier survival curves of a zebrafish and b African clawed frog embryos after UV irradiation at the MZT period. Note that the horizontal axis shows successive developmental stages rather than actual time length. For zebrafish, developmental stages described by Kimmel et al. [35] were numbered sequentially from 1 to 35. Images of the developmental stages are shown below, with the numbers on the line corresponding to those in the survival curve x axis. Blue arrowheads, most conserved developmental periods in previous reports [18, 20]; black line, control; red line, UV-irradiated embryos; shaded area, 95% CI (confidence interval); vertical dotted line, UV irradiation. Numbers of embryos used in this analysis: zebrafish control group, n = 72; zebrafish treated group, n = 216; African clawed frog control group, n = 72; and African clawed frog treated group, n = 108

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