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Fig. 3

From: Expression of meis and hoxa11 in dipnoan and teleost fins provides new insights into the evolution of vertebrate appendages

Fig. 3

hoxa11 expression in Neoceratodus lobed fins. WISH in pectoral lobed fins from early budding to early chondrogenesis. a Distribution of hoxa11 transcript in the posterior bud. bd The arrowheads indicate expression in anterior cells at the distal margin of the lungfish pectoral fin. bd The arrows indicate a PD discontinuity of low, if any, expression in the early phase of hoxa11 activity. e, f Comparison of single WISH and Alcian Blue staining indicates that transcription is depleted in those cells that will ultimately build the humerus (below dashed line). Abbreviations: h, humerus; r, radius; u, ulna. Distal to top, anterior to left. Scale bars are 100 µm (ad) and 50 µm (e, f)

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