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Fig. 11

From: Wnt/β-catenin signalling is necessary for gut differentiation in a marine annelid, Platynereis dumerilii

Fig. 11

Expression of Pdu-Cdx ParaHox gene. a 3D reconstructions of confocal fluorescent in situ hybridization’s z-stacks detecting a ParaHox gene Pdu-Cdx and b A graph showing the percentage of individuals assigned to classes according to the level of expression (the darker the higher) upon Wnt chemical treatment. Under control conditions, Pdu-Cdx is expressed in the whole hindgut, (in lower level) on the ventral floor of midgut and on the foregut/midgut border. With the Wnt activator (CHIR99021), it was expressed in similar levels but in entire gut, whereas with the inhibitor JW55, the expression is somewhat lower but the pattern remains the same. Widespread ectopic expression with the stronger inhibitor (IWR-1-endo) prevented the proper quantification of phenotypes when using bright-field microscopy. c Orthogonal views of the same z-stacks reveal the expression in the hindgut and at the midgut/foregut boundary connected by a narrow strip of Pdu-Cdx expression on the ventral floor of the gut. This expression expands to most of the gut upon Wnt activation, and the overall expression is lower in the presence of Wnt inhibitors

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