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Fig. 3

From: The dorsoventral patterning of Musca domestica embryos: insights into BMP/Dpp evolution from the base of the lower cyclorraphan flies

Fig. 3

Comparative expression of primary regulators of Dpp in D. melanogaster and M. domestica. In the upper panel, we show the immunodetection of the phosphorylated form of Mad transcription factor (green) in dorsal views of stage 5 embryos of M. domestica (a) and D melanogaster (b). Blue signal corresponds to nuclei staining with TO-PRO. In the lower panel, we show the expression pattern of zerknullt (zen) mRNA during cellularization stages of M. domestica (c) and D. melanogaster (d) embryos, revealed by in situ hybridization. In all the cases, dorsal views of the embryos are oriented with the anterior region to the left and embryos pictures are on the same scale

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