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Fig. 6

From: The dorsoventral patterning of Musca domestica embryos: insights into BMP/Dpp evolution from the base of the lower cyclorraphan flies

Fig. 6

Cis comparative analysis of tolloid enhancer of M. domestica. The image in panel a shows the alignment of the genomic DNA close to tolloid gene in 4 species of D. melanogaster and M. domestica. Synteny was observed between the genes tolkin (yellow boxes) and tolloid (green boxes), and a red colored block in the first genome is connected by lines to similarly blocks in the remaining genomes. Image in panel b shows the unscaled organization of tolloid exons among the 5 species and the distribution of binding sites predicted for the transcriptions factors dorsal (green) and brinker (red). Panel c shows the logo representation for the binding sites identified in each analyzed species

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