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Fig. 7

From: The dorsoventral patterning of Musca domestica embryos: insights into BMP/Dpp evolution from the base of the lower cyclorraphan flies

Fig. 7

Cis comparative analysis of sog enhancer of M. domestica. The image shows the analysis performed with ClusterDraw to identified cluster of binding sites for the transcriptional factors Dorsal and Snail in the first intron of D. melanogaster (a) and M. domestica (b). X-axis of the graph indicates the space search, and Y-axis of the heat map indicates the match probabilities cutoff values and the density of the cluster is indicated by the color scale. Plots below show profiles for the best clusters p values, which allow the identification of significant clusters in each case (segmented boxes). In the bottom of a, b is shown the schematic distribution of potential binding sites for Dorsal (red) and Snail (blue) identified in each cluster

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