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Table 1 List of orthologs whose pattern of expression was analyzed in this work

From: The dorsoventral patterning of Musca domestica embryos: insights into BMP/Dpp evolution from the base of the lower cyclorraphan flies

Gene name M. domestica genome ID D. melanogaster ortholog
zerknullt (Md.zen) MDOA008087 FBgn0004053 CG1046
Mothers against dpp (Md.Mad) MDOA012257 FBgn0011648 CG12399
Short gastrulation (Md.sog) MDOA000243 FBgn0003463 CG9224
tolloid (Md.tld) MDOA009895 FBgn0003719 CG6868
Brinker (Md.brk) MDOA006277 FBgn0024250 CG9653
Ventral nervous system defective (Md.vnd) MDOA009797 FBgn0261930 CG6172
Snail (Md.sna) MDOA012986 FBgn0003448 CG3956
Pannier (Md.pnr) MDOA006696 FBgn0003117 CG3978
Tailup (Md.tup) MDOA012878 FBgn0003896 CG10619
Dorsocross 1 (Md.doc1) MDOA015287 FBgn0028789 CG5133