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Table 1 Areas and timing of expression

From: Spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression during neurogenesis in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus

  1. Rows indicate genes, and columns indicate areas of the embryo. White/blank indicates no expression detected in that area. Colors indicate timing of when the gene is expressed in that area. Yellow: early expression (at some point between 10 and 16 hpf). Orange: mid-timing of expression (at some point between 18 and 24 hpf). Red: late expression (at some point between 26 and 32 hpf)
  2. TF transcription factor, Postoral postoral neurons or ectoderm surrounding the postoral neurons, Oral Ecto oral ectoderm, Aboral Ecto aboral ectoderm, Meso. mesodermal cells/tissues, Coel. Pouches coelomic pouches