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Fig. 13

From: Convergent evolution of saccate body shapes in nematodes through distinct developmental mechanisms

Fig. 13

Heterodera glycines epidermal proliferation and polyploidy correlate with body size during development. a H. glycines epidermal nuclei are polyploid as determined by microdensitometry. As expected, we found an approximate doubling of fluorescence intensity between the haploid sperm and diploid neurons. The fluorescent intensity of epidermal nuclei was 3.55 and 3.85 times greater than neuronal nuclei in J2/J3 molting nematodes and adult females, respectively. This suggests an epidermal ploidy of 7.1C (C being haploid DNA) for J2/J3 s and 7.7C for adult females. b A significant correlation exists between the estimated body volume and the product of the number of epidermal nuclei and the ploidy level at different developmental stages (R2 = 0.86; P < 0.0001). Each point represents a single nematode. The number of epidermal nuclei counted on one side was doubled to estimate the total number of epidermal nuclei

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