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Fig. 16

From: Convergent evolution of saccate body shapes in nematodes through distinct developmental mechanisms

Fig. 16

Meloidogyne incognita uses seam cell proliferation during development, but with a different pattern of division. a Lateral view DIC micrograph (left), pseudocolor overlay (right), and cartoon schematic (below) of a J2 M. incognita 4 days post-infection (DPI) with a line of 10 elliptical smoothly tapered epidermal cells along the lateral ridge characteristic of seam cells. b DIC (top) and fluorescent micrographs (insets) of 11 DPI J2 M. incognita stained with phalloidin and DAPI. Phalloidin staining revealed putative apical junctions with a pattern distinct from that seen in H. glycines. Scale bars, 10 µm

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