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Fig. 8

From: Convergent evolution of saccate body shapes in nematodes through distinct developmental mechanisms

Fig. 8

DIC micrographs of Heterodera glycines J2 close to the molt showing seam cell daughter cell migration. DIC micrographs (left) and shaded overlay (right) of a J2 beginning at 4 days post-infection (DPI) and subsequent time points following removal from a root. Seam cells (orange) proliferate along the lateral side posterior of the metacorpus. Prior to infection, the syncytial epidermis comprises several epidermal nuclei (purple). H0 seam cell homolog (arrow at 4 DPI) does not divide. Following proliferation, four epidermal nuclei migrate away from the lateral ridge and merge into the subdorsal and subventral epidermis (blue). Epidermal migration occurs immediately prior to the J2/J3 molt, as evidenced by the presence of the shed cuticle (arrow at 34 h). Scale bars, 10 µm

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