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Fig. 5

From: Bar, stripe and spot development in sand-dwelling cichlids from Lake Malawi

Fig. 5

Melanophore and iridophore patterns in C. azureus and D. compressiceps larvae. a Melanophores in the flank in C. azureus—patches P1–3 and base of dorsal fin (arrow). b Melanophores along tail lateral midline and base of dorsal fin (arrow) in D. compressiceps. c Melanophore additions to and around P1–3 in C. azureus; Resolution of dorsal midline melanophore band into D1, D2 and D3. Appearance of iridophore patch on dorsal caudal fin peduncle (arrow). d Melanophore additions to tail-portion of dark stripe S0 in D. compressiceps. Iridophore patch on dorsal caudal fin peduncle (arrow). e Resolution of dorsal melanophore patches D1 into D1a and D1b, and of D2 into D2a, D2b; appearance of D4 on dorsal caudal fin peduncle. Appearance of lateral patches P4 and P5. Iridophore patches between dorsal and lateral patches (arrowheads). f Melanophores along trunk portion of SML in D. compressiceps (black bracket). Melanophores at presumptive SDL and SVL (arrowheads). Iridophores dorsal and ventral to horizontal myoseptum (white brackets). g New melanophores around populated areas. Appearance of lateral melanophore patch P6 in C. azureus. h Iridophores become abundant at interstripes X1DL and X1VL in D. compressiceps. Scale = 1 mm

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