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Fig. 1

From: Peripheral sensory neurons govern development of the nervous system in bivalve larvae

Fig. 1

Architecture of the nervous system of adult bivalves (a) and larvae before and after metamorphosis (bd). a Tetraneurous nervous system (ventral + pedal cords) of the adult bivalve. b Nervous system of bivalve larvae. c The tetraneurous bivalve nervous system after settlement/metamorphosis. d Nervous system of a mactrid juvenile Mactromeris polynyma from plankton as visualized by whole-mount immunostaining for FMRFamide (green) and acetylated alpha-tubulin (red) (the arrows indicate the lateral nerve cord and ventral (pedal) nervous cords). CPG cerebropleural ganglion, PNC pedal nervous cord, PG pedal ganglion, LNC lateral nerve cord, VG visceral ganglion, AO/CG apical organ/cerebral ganglion, PlG pleural ganglion

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