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Fig. 6

From: Genomic analysis of the tryptome reveals molecular mechanisms of gland cell evolution

Fig. 6

Gene phylogeny of cnidarian trypsin domains. Domain architectures for N. vectensis proteins are shown; domains are colored as shown in Fig. 4a. Proteins with multiple trypsin domains are polyphyletic; in such cases, the domain architecture diagram points to a single trypsin domain and the position of the other trypsin domains is indicated by open/closed circles. Open stars indicate clades that descended from single genes present in the last common ancestor of cnidarians; closed stars represent possible anthozoan expansions. Clades are labeled as in Fig. 5a; unshaded clades do not include any taxa from Fig. 5 and cannot be resolved. The “pancreatic” group includes proteins that are sister to human granzyme, kallikrein, HGF, and elastase. Chymotrypsins are not monophyletic on this tree but are shaded together to facilitate comparison with Fig. 5a. A tree file with branch support values is available on our Github site (

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