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Fig. 8

From: Genomic analysis of the tryptome reveals molecular mechanisms of gland cell evolution

Fig. 8

Evolutionary history of the N. vectensis tryptome. a Domain architectures at ancestral nodes indicate the origin of each domain combination; domains are reported at nodes where they appear for the first time with an independent (domain-specific) E-value ≤ 0.05. The origin of the SRCR domain and the origin of its association with trypsin are indicated by white arrows; black arrows indicate the origin of the Astacin domain and the association between Astacin and trypsin. E—Edwardsiidae only (Edwardsiella + Nematostella), N—Nematostella only. WAP domains (*) either evolved twice (in D. discoideum and the ancestor of animals) or this domain was lost in the intervening lineages. The DIM domain () has a complex distribution in bacteria, fungi, cnidarians, and insects. b Scatterplot of phlyostratigraphic age of the domain and the age of its association with trypsin

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