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Table 1 Overview of dFUCCI embryos imaged for each developmental stage

From: Cell cycle dynamics during diapause entry and exit in an annual killifish revealed by FUCCI technology

Embryonic stageTime required to reach the stage in N. furzeri at 28 °CStage duration at 28 °CAmount of embryos imaged
Dispersed phase (WS 19–20)
 Early (small number of green cells)4 days1 to 30 days4
 Late (larger number of green cells)7 days on average12–24 h6
Dispersed phase transition (from few to many green cells)5–7 days on average2–3 days4
Reaggregation phase (WS 21–25)8 days on average8–12 h4
Extension phase (WS 26)9 days on average8–12 h4
Somitogenesis (without diapause II arrest) (WS 29–33)10 days on average5–8 days6
Diapause II arrest and release11 days on averageDays to years4
  1. It shows the number of embryos acquired at each developmental stage. From stage to stage, embryos acquired could be the same, acquired progressively during its development, or different ones. WS means Wourms’ stage [12]