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Table 2 Cell morphotypes used in this study to classify total hemocyte populations in Styela plicata

From: Putative stem cells in the hemolymph and in the intestinal submucosa of the solitary ascidian Styela plicata

Cell morphotypeDiameter (µm)Percentage (%)Possible typesDescription
Small-round cells2.8–616.7 ± 9.3Lymphocyte-like cells, hemoblastsCircular cells with a high nucleus/cytoplasm ratio. Granules scarce or absent
Granular amoeboid cells4–89.9 ± 5.9Granulocytes and amoeboid cells in differentiationAmoeboid cytoplasm with granular contents
Large granulocytes5–8.646.2 ± 9.9Fully differentiated granulocytes, univacuolar refractile granulocytesRounded contour, numerous granular structures in cytoplasm, a large refractile vacuole may be present
Vacuolated cells5–2031.4 ± 8.8Simple univacuolar cells, compartment cells, morula cellsCells with one or more prominent basophilic vacuoles in the cytoplasm
Pigmented cell8–133.5 ± 3.9Pigment cellLarge cells, cytoplasm saturated with compartments filled with amber pigment