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Table 1 Resources and databases available for P. tepidariorum research

From: The common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Resource/databaseDescriptionReference/URL/Accession Identifier
GenBank genome assembly Ptep_3.0Latest version, but with no RefSeqGCA_000365465.3
GenBank/RefSeq genome assembly Ptep_2.016,533 annotated scaffolds[28]
aug3 gene modelsGene prediction with AUGSTUS[28]
De novo transcriptome assemblyBased on ESTs and NGS reads, mixed sources[39]
De novo transcriptome assemblyBased on NGS reads, adult whole body[40]
DDBJ TSA: IAAA01000000
De novo transcriptome assembliesBased on NGS reads, embryos of mixed stages[38]
DDBJ TSA: IACA01000000, IABY00000000
Developmental transcriptomesRNA-Seq for successive stages of embryogenesis[41]
GEO: GSE112712
EST clones5′ ends of 22,812 clones sequenced[9, 11]
FY216297–FY225483; FY368221–FY381845
RefSeq genome assembly (NCBI)Genome Data Viewer, BLAST
Common house spider genome project (BCM-HGSC)Genomic resources
Databases of Genome-based Research (BRH)JBrowse with EST and RNA-Seq data tracks, BLAST, Protocols, Images/movies
ASGARD (Extavour Lab)Search the assemblies of arthropod transcriptomes[42]