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Table 1 Assembly and quality metrics for ORP and CLC transcriptomes of H. limbata reads

From: Characterizing Hox genes in mayflies (Ephemeroptera), with Hexagenia limbata as a new mayfly model

Criteria ORP CLC
Number of contigs 83,795 93,561
Number of contigs with ORFs 15,543 16,100
Number of annotated contigs 25,134 NA*
Mean contig length 702 529.36
Longest contig 26,091 22,280
Shortest contig 201 82
TransRate Assembly score 0.215 0.022
TransRate Optimal score 0.243 0.035
BUSCO Complete Score 1213 (88.8%) 839 (61.4%)
  1. The number of contigs with ORFs was provided by TransRate. The TransRate assembly score assesses how accurate and complete an assembly is, while the optimal score is the assembly score obtained after removing all poorly assembled contigs. The complete BUSCO score represents the number of database sequences identified in the assembly, and was calculated using the insect ortholog database Odb10
  2. *The number of annotated ORFs was determined via Diamond annotation and was not assessed for CLC contigs