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Table 1 Coexpression of miRNAs and enriched brain putative targets

From: A study of neural-related microRNAs in the developing amphioxus

miRNA targets
miR-124 miR-7 miR-183 miR-137 miR-184 References
Calmodulin FT-RH-Mir   FT-RH-Mir   FT-Pita-RH-Mir [109]
Chordin Pita-RH-Mir      [110, 52]
Coe      FT-Pita-RH-Mir [111]
Engrailed      FT-Pita-RH-Mir [112]
FoxG (BF1) FT-Pita-RH-Mir     FT-RH-Mir [113]
Gbx    FT-Pita-RH-Mir FT-Pita-RH   [23]
Hairy A FT-Pita-RH-Mir      [114]
Mnx (2 sites)      FT-Pita-Mir [27]
Netrin    FT-Pita-RH-Mir    [115]
NK2.2   FT-RH-Mir     [116]
Otx      FT-Pita-RH [21, 52]
Pax-2/5/8    FT-Pita-RH    [117, 52]
Six-4/5     FT-RH-Mir   [118]
Snail      FT-RH-Mir [119]
TH      FT-RH-Mir [120]
TR2/4     FT-Pita-RH FT-Pita-RH [121]
Wnt8 Pita-RH-Mir      [122]
  1. Expression of miRNA and enriched brain putative targets detected by at least three of the four bioinformatics algorithms (FindTar, Pita, RNAhybrid and miRanda). miRNA-target coexpression is written in bold. Abbreviations are the followings: FT, FindTar, RH, RNAhybrid, Mir, miRanda.