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Table 2 Summary of Sycon Sox and SoxL genes expression

From: Genome-wide analysis of the sox family in the calcareous sponge Sycon ciliatum: multiple genes with unique expression patterns

Gene Expression
SciSoxB Oocytes, cleavage stage embryos, macromeres, and cruciform cells
SciSoxC Oocytes, cleavage stage embryos, macromeres
SciSoxE Choanocytes and some mesohyl cells
SciSoxF1 Choanocytes and accessory cells, some mesohyl cells
SciSoxF2 Large spindle-shaped cells around osculum
SciSox6 Choanocytes, pinacocytes, small cells around osculum
SciSox7 Ubiquitous during embryogenesis, choanocytes
SciSoxL1 Oocytes, cleavage stage embryos, cruciform cells, choanocytes
SciSoxL2 Oocytes, cleavage stage embryos, macromeres, choanocytes, small cells around osculum
  1. Dark grey indicates where the expression is detected; light grey indicates embryonic cells where expression is not detected; white represents non-embryonic cells. ac, accessory cells; cc, cruciform cells; ma, macromeres; mes, mesohyl cells; mi, micromeres.