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Table 1 Comparison of Ophiocoma wendtii gastrula transcripts to the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus endodermal and endomesodermal gene regulatory networks

From: Sequencing and analysis of the gastrula transcriptome of the brittle star Ophiocoma wendtii

Gene Found in O.w. gastrula RBB toS.p. Genome [SpBase:] RBB to NCBI RefSeq Proteins [NCBI:] Role in S.p.
β-Catenin Y β-Catenin S.p. β-Catenin Endoderm
   [SPU_004319] [XP_786059.2]  
Otx Y Otx S.p. Otx Endoderm
   [SPU_010424] [NP_999753.2]  
Wnt Y Wnt5 S.k. Wnt2 Endoderm
   [SPU_026277] [NP_001158455.1]  
Blimp1 Y Blimp1/Krox B.f. Zn-finger Endoderm
   [SPU_027235] [XP_002587482.1]  
Hox11/13b Y Hox11/13b S.p. Hox11/13b Endoderm
   [SPU_002631] [NP_999774.1]  
Bra N    Endoderm
Krl N    Endoderm
Myc Y Myc S.p. Myc Endoderm
   [SPU_003166] [NP_999744.1]  
SoxB1 Y SoxB1 S.p. SoxB1 Endoderm
   [SPU_022820] [NP_999639.1]  
Brn1-2-4 Y Brn1-2-4 S.p. Brn1-2-4 Endoderm
   [SPU_016443] [XP_782909.2]  
Tgif Y Tgif I.s. Tgif Endoderm
   [SPU_018126] [XP_002433653.1]  
Hnf1 N    Endoderm
Eve N    Endoderm
Hh N    Endoderm
VEGF Y VEGF H.p. VEGF Endoderm
   [SPU_030148] BAI67115.1]  
Dac Y Dac I.s. Dachsund Endoderm
   [SPU_028061] [XP_002407755.1]  
Endo16 N    Endoderm
FoxA Y FoxA S.p. FoxA Endo + SMC
   [SPU_006676] [NP_001073010.1]  
GataE N    Endo + SMC
Kakapo Y Syne1 S.p. Similar to CG33715-PD Endo + SMC
   [SPU_013237] [XP_784190.2]  
Apobec Y Hnrpr S.p. Hnrpr Endo + SMC
   [SPU_019557] [XP_793277.1]  
Gelsolin Y Gelsolin S.p. Gelsolin Endo + SMC
   [SPU_003985] [XP_788777.1]  
  1. B.f. = Branchiostoma floridae, H.p. = Heliocentrotus pulcherrimus.
  2. I.s. = Ixodes scapularis, O.w. = Ophiocoma wendtii.
  3. S.k. = Saccoglossus kowalevskii, S.p. = Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.