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Table 2 Comparison of abductor muscles in the coelacanth (Latimeria), Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus) and mudpuppy (Necturus)

From: Comparative pelvic development of the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) and the Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri): conservation and innovation across the fish-tetrapod transition

Latimeria chalumnae Neoceratodus forsteri Necturus maculosus
Superficial abductor, secondary bundle « Élévateur superficiel, faiseau secondaire » O: posterior internal region of the lateral hypophysis Superficial ventromesial abductor (Dorsal and ventral) O: Ventrolateral face pelvis Pubotibialis (Adductor) (Ventral) O: lateral edge of the pubic cartilage
  I: Base of the 6th and 7th preaxial lepidotrichia    I: Proximal lateral face pelvic fin    I: proximal end of the tibia  
    Superficial ventrolateral abductor (Dorsal and ventral) O: posterior fascia of the body myotomes Caudofemoralis (Adductor) (Ventral) O: Caudal vertebra
     I: Dorsolateral edge proximal axial elements of the fin    I: Proximal end femur  
Superficial abductor, main bundle « Élévateur superficiel, faiseau principal » O: Posterior medial face of the lateral hypophysis. Deep ventral abductor depressor (Dorsal and ventral) O: Ventrolateral process on the pelvis Puboischio femoralis internus (Abductor) (Ventral) O: Internal surface of the pubic cartilage and ischium
  I: Fascia at the base of lepidotrichia.    I: Ventral process at the distal end of the first axial element.    I: along most of the femur  
Deep abductor “Élévateur profond” O: lateral sides and base of the anterior pubic ramus I: through tendons to the fascia of the superficial abductor Dorsolateral abductor levator (Dorsal) O: Swelling on the posterodorsal surface of the pelvisI: Proximal and subsequent fin elements Iliotibialis (Dorsal surface of the thigh) (Abductor) (Dorsal) O: base of the iliumI: extend over the knee as a tendon, inserts on the tibia
       Ilioextensorius (Abductor) (Dorsal) I: base of the ilium O: extend over the knee as a tendon, inserts on the tibia
Latimeria chalumnae Neoceratodus forsteri Necturus maculosus
Pelvic abductor or supinator, second layer, group 5 “Supin, couche 2, groupe 5, Abducteur pelvien” O: Middle of the mesial hypophysis I: following the preaxial border, inserting directly onto the six first preaxial lepidotrichia     Iliofibularis (Abductor) (Dorsal) O: base of the iliumI: inserts on the fibula
       Iliofemoralis (Abductor) (Dorsal) O: base of the iliumI: caudal edge of the femur