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Archived Comments for: Embryonic neurogenesis in Pseudopallene sp. (Arthropoda, Pycnogonida) includes two subsequent phases with similarities to different arthropod groups

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  1. detachment of neural progenitors - generation of neurons by stem cells

    Matthias Gerberding, Tuebingen University

    12 January 2015

    I like the data. I think they show that during neurogenesis, different steps can change their temporal order  and location independently in an analogous way to the evolution of an ectodermal grid and the evolution of ectodermal stem cells in the Malacostraca and the secondary loss of the ectodermal stem cells in the Amphipoda.

    What is the current thinking on the detachment of neural progenitors and the generation of neurons?
    Do you think a neuron generated by a neural stem cell does have to leave the surface to become a neuron or can it stay on the surface and differentiate there? Can a cell that is surronded by non-neural cells directly turn into a neuron or does it have to activate a stem cell-like program before becoming a neuron?

    I am unable to locate statements on these topics right away but maybe you did address both in your text. Thank you.

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