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Table 3 Interactions of experimental conditions (Period effect, during and after the desiccation treatment) with pair effects on mortality rates

From: Desiccation plasticity in the embryonic life histories of non-annual rivulid species

Stage 4
Pair/Species Control Change after return to water (Period effect)
C. brunneus Baseline -3.92 -1.44
L. frenatus -1.45 -5.74 NA
C. kuelpmanni -4.07 -2.88 -2.61 -4.10
A. immaculatus NA (Wide) NA (Wide)
C. magdalenae -1.27 -3.97 -7.53 - -1.07*
  1. Confidence intervals are given. One interval that does not include zero is indicated by ‘*’. Embryos of that pair have a significantly reduced mortality after return to water. In the ‘NA’ cases, the confidence intervals were estimable but extremely wide.