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Table 1 A. limnaeus stages selected for qPCR analysis

From: Gene expression patterns that support novel developmental stress buffering in embryos of the annual killifish Austrofundulus limnaeus

Stage Age WS a Abbreviation Description Pooled individuals N
Early cleavage 3 hpf 3-5 EC 1-4 blastomeres 100 3
Early hollow blastula 1 dpf 12 EHB Presence of a segmentation cavity containing blastomeres and covered by enveloping layer cells 100 4
50% epiboly 2 dpf 17 50% EP Half of the yolk surface covered by periblast and enveloping layer. In between the two layers are embryonic blastomeres that have become ameboid and migrated away from the central blastula 100 4
Dispersed blastomere phases 4 dpf 20-21 DBP Yolk surface completely covered by periblast, enveloping layer, and randomly distributed embryonic blastomeres 100 4
Reaggregation phases 8 dpf 22-26 RP Embryonic blastomeres remain distributed across yolk, but a subpopulation are beginning to migrate towards a small area of the yolk where the future embryo will form. No discernable embryonic axis present 100 4
Solid neural keel 10 dpf 28 SNK Presence of a solid neural keel, head fold, and Kupffer’s vesicle. No somites present 50 4
Diapause II 32 dpf 33 DII Presence of optic cups and associated lenses, otic vesicles, functional heart, and 38 to 40 pairs of somites. Heart rate of 0 to 10 bpm 100 3
Three-quarter overgrowth 9 dpd 39 3/4 OG Embryo occupies about three-fourths of the perimeter of the yolk. Eyes are heavily pigmented with gold colored material. Presence of incompletely developed gut, liver, and swimbladder 40 4
Diapause III 24 dpd 43 DIII Fully formed larva that has completed embryonic development, but has not yet hatched 40 4
Adult liver Adult N/A Liver Whole liver from an adult female 1 3
  1. aWS, Wourms’ Stage, stages based on [3].
  2. dpd, Days post diapause; dpf, Days post fertilization; hpf, Hours post fertilization.