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Table 1 Embryonic stages of C. salei according to Wolf and Hilbrant (2011) that are relevant for eye formation

From: Differential expression of retinal determination genes in the principal and secondary eyes of Cupiennius salei Keyserling (1877)

Stage Hours after fertilisation Days Name of stage Description of stage relevant to eye formation
Stage 11 100 to 130 4-5-6 Prosomal limb buds Progression in the formation of bilateral cheliceral lobes
Stage 12 160 to 180 6-7-7.5 Lateral furrow Formation of kidney-shaped folds lateral to stomodaeum (lf)
Stage 14 160 to 180 6-7-7.5 Inversion I Migration of lateral subdivision (ls) in the direction of lf and partly covering it
    Formation of a crescent-shaped anterior furrow (af)
Stage 16 180 to 220 7.5-9 Inversion III Tissue from ls completely covers the lf
   The growth of medial subdivisions (ms) anteriorly, partly covering the af
Stage 18 180 to 220 7.5-9 Prosomal shield Growth of the rim of precheliceral lobes in the direction of mouth opening
   Formation of eye vesicles
Stage 20 220 to 280 9-11 Ventral closure Distinct brain regions such as optic ganglia are evident, all four pairs of eyes are formed but not pigmented