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Fig. 3

From: Bar, stripe and spot development in sand-dwelling cichlids from Lake Malawi

Fig. 3

Morphological changes in median fins and myotomes during metamorphosis in D. compressiceps. a Bulges (arrows) in embryonic median fin prefigure the posterior ends of the dorsal and anal fin, respectively. “V” shape of myotomes indicated in white. b Unsegmented caudal fin ray elements. c Dorsal- and anal-fin ray condensations indicated by short arrows. Chevron shape of myotomes indicated by long arrows. d 2 caudal fin ray elements separated by one joint (white arrow). e Fin ray elements lengthen in dorsal fin and anal fin (short arrows). Melanophores appear on dorsal neural tube (long arrow). f 3 caudal fin ray elements separated by two joints (white arrows). g Dorsal and anal fins separated from caudal fin (short arrows). Melanophores appear in flank skin. h 4 caudal fin ray elements separated by three joints (white arrows). i Progressive disappearance of larval fin tissue from dorsal and ventral caudal fin peduncle. j 5 caudal fin ray elements separated by four joints (white arrows). The timing of metamorphosis is the same in C. azureus as in D. compressiceps. Scale = 500 µm

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